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 How We Can Help

  • Our Service is Affordable
  • These are permanent positions
  • Workers arrive with Green Cards
  • We do all the visa processing
  • We provide interpreters


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 Easy For You

  • The employer has total control over the process


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 We Do Everything

  • We greet them at the airport and help them find housing and transportation
  • We help them open bank accounts, apply for SSN, driver’s license test, and any other basic preparation before starting work at your company
  • Their children will be enrolled in the schools of their choice
  • We will be there throughout their employment to provide support to them and to you


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are These Workers?

Most of our workers are from South Korea and China, in their 30’s and 40’s, married, and have been working steadily in their own countries.

Their main concern is providing a better environment for their children’s future and they are extremely motivated to work.

Do Your Workers Require Any Special Treatment?

Our workers do not require any special treatment; they will be paid the same wage local workers get paid

What Experience Do They Have? Do They Speak English?

While most of them may not have worked in the industry before, they are known to be some of the most industrious and diligent workers.

Most workers have significant knowledge in English grammar and vocabularies, although they have not had the chance to practice it.

What is the Process?

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At America’s Catch, Inc., the employer was in need of engineers for facility maintenance and found two of the foreign workers recruited as production line workers who were engineers in their native countries. They were promoted to engineer positions.

Several workers at America’s Catch, Inc. are working at the company even after their one-year contract is completed.

From 2006 to present
Catfish Processor
IttaBena, MS
Phone : 800-242-0041

America's Catch Inc.

HR Manager, Susan Foster

I think very highly of Julian Chung of Global Labor Solutions and for the work he and his company have done for us.

I have known Julian for a number of years and he has been very dedicated and hands-on with our company.  In 2007, Global Labor Solutions was successful in us hiring Korean workers.   These gentlemen were very loyal and dedicated to the work they were given.

Global Labor Solutions is very thorough in the paperwork that must be submitted for government use.  Julian is willing to answer any questions that may arise since foreign labor regulations are different.   We look forward to Global Labor Solutions acquiring us future labor that is equally as dependable.

From 2006 to 2008
Pork Processor
Magee, MS
Phone : 601-849-9997

Polk’s Meat Products

Vice President/GM, Julie P. Breazeale



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